Travel Equipment and Accessories

Travel Accessories and Products

Depending on what type of traveling you are into, there will be a whole range of useful accessories and products to make the traveling more smooth and enjoyable. Planning ahead can make the difference between a miserable experience and one which you would like to repeat again and again. Traveling well is an art, and one of the hardest things to get right is to travel lightly. Taking too much along, or taking along gear which is to heavy, can weigh you down not only physically, but spiritually as well.

Travel Rain Gear

travel rain gearOne of the less fun parts of traveling can be getting caught out in the rain, and even though it’s no fun to think about it, depending on what part of the world you are traveling in, you really want to take along something to keep you dry. Depending on whether you are hiking, camping, cycling, or motorcycling, you will want to have something along for those times when the skies open up. You can find a good selection of rain gear for traveling at, which has separate sections for Women’s Rain Gear, as well as Men’s Rain Gear.

What are Good Travel Accessories For Women and Men

travel accessories for womenWhenever you are on the road, it is always good to have some basics along, to deal with possible eventualities. For example, some accessories that are useful to have are a first aid kit, a map or gps location system, a small multi-purpose tool, and a flashlight. The National Geographic shop also has a section specifically devoted to women’s travel clothing and accessories, as well as a section for men’s travel clothing and accessories.

What About Dog Travel Accessories?

dog travel accessoriesIf you are traveling with your pet dog, you might want to consider something like a Dog Food and Hydration Travel Pack, or a Heininger 3059 PortablePET WaterBoy, which can hold up to 3 quarts, and will keep your doggy hydrated while traveling.

Products For Camping and Hiking

If you are planning on living outdoors while traveling then you will most likely want a good tent and backpack. Below is our favorite choices for each of these at

DECATHLON-2-Seconds-PopUp-TentThe Decathlon 2 Seconds Pop Up Easy Carry 2 Person Tent. This neat tent is large enough for two people, and doesn’t weigh too much (6.8lbs.). However, the main attraction is that it can be set up very quickly, by means of it’s ‘2 second popup’ feature. This can be great at the end of a long day of traveling, when you’re too tired to struggle with setting up your tent, and you’re really just looking forward to relaxing and having a warm meal. The tent is also freestanding, so that as long as there is no wind, it doesn’t really need any stakes. It can also be quickly taken down (15 seconds according to the product description). All very nice features.
REI-Halfdome-2-tentAnother very nice tent is the Half Dome 2 Tent From REI. This lightweight 3 season tent has plenty of headroom and storage, as well as 2 side doors and vestibules. Customers comment on how fast it is to put up and take down this tent, it’s stability under windy and stormy conditions, and also it’s dryness under rainy conditions. You can see it here.


High Sierra Tech-Series-59404-Titan-55-Internal-Frame-PackThe High Sierra Tech Series 59404 Titan 55 Internal Frame Pack is a lightweight 55 liter internal frame pack. The main loading compartment is at the top, however, there is also a compartment for your sleeping bag at the front. The contours of the internal frame are designed to help your back stay dry and cool. The sides of the backpack also have dual mesh pockets for holding 1 liter water bottles. The padded belt has zippered pockets for easy reaching while you are hiking. There are adjustable compression straps at the side and bottom, as well as a rain cover which is tucked away in a bottom pocket. Customers comment on how roomy and adjustable the bags are, and how they have plenty of pockets.

For those who are larger, there is the similar Titan 65, which, as it’s name suggests has a 65 liter capacity, and which also has a bottom zipper located above the sleeping bag compartment so that you can easily get to things which you have put at the bottom. There is also a side zipper for getting to things which are in the main storage section.