Tips For Finding Cruise Vacation Packages

What Is A Cruise Vacation Package?

Cruise Vacation PackagesUsually, when one thinks of vacation packages, it includes the flight plus hotel, and perhaps a car. In the case of cruise packages, this is not usually the case, since the flights are not normally included (with some exceptions), and the ‘hotel’ is the ship, so you will want to find one which is just right for you. What’s normally included in the price are the meals, and perhaps some onshore tours and excursions. These can usually be booked online or on the ship.

Finding The Right Cruise

The elements in finding a winning cruise are a combination of which part of the world you would like to be cruising, the onshore places you would like to visit, the kind of on-board activities you would like to pursue, and of course a suitable departure port from which to start your cruise.

Say, for example, you are looking for a cruise from new york or nj, you could go to a cruise search engine like the one at, and choose the appropriate departure port for your circumstances.

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Where Do Cruises From Nyc and NJ Go To?

New York City is a popular departure point for cruises, and several of the well known cruise lines depart from there, including Norwegian, Carnival, Princess , and Cunard. Some of  the destinations are – Canada/New England, the Bermudas, Transatlantic cruises, and the Bahamas. Cunard also does a 24 night Western European cruise whose ports of call include England, Ireland, and Scotland. Then there is a 40 night South Pacific cruise from Princess Cruises, whose ports of call include such destinations as Peru, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Pago Pago, and Auckland, New Zealand.

 Amazon River Cruises in Peru

For those more interested in an adventurous cruise, GAdventures does some Amazon River Cruises which start and end with a hotel stay in Lima. The excursions usually happen at times when the wildlife is very active, namely in the late afternoons and early mornings. Developed with regard to living on the Amazon, their riverboats are comfy dwellings on the water, together with wonderful views, roomy eating areas, a spacious observation deck along with views of the river in every one of the cabins. Both twin and Queen beds are available in their cabins.

Celebrity Cruises In The Galapagos Islands

Celebrity Cruises do a 7 night South American cruise which includes the Galápagos Islands, whereas GAdventures do several Galápagos cruises which are more specifically tailored to these islands. GAdventures cruises also include such things as hiking and wildlife spotting – like a hike on the Sierra Negra volcanic crater on Isabela Island, as well as searching for exotic wildlife such as iguanas and cormorants on volcanic beaches.

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Theme Cruises

Today there are various types of cruises you could take. TV is full of ads for family type cruises to celebrity cruises to adventure cruises everything in between. There are plenty of different styles of cruises to pick from, Here are outlined only a few of these several styles of cruises and what it is that they have on offer.

American Safari Cruises have on offer adventure cruises to 5 different destinations: Alaskan wilderness, the pacific northwest, Snake and Columbia rivers, Mexico’s sea of Cortes, as well as  the wine country of California . These five different trips combine the luxurious on ship knowledge of rugged outdoor adventures to provide something attractive for all types of personalities. They are small, focused tour groups, and also the three ships within the fleet carry only from twelve to twenty one passengers each. This gives an opportunity for community life, attentive and in depth building experiences. Regardless of whether you are sipping and relaxing wine in Napa or trekking exactly the same path that Clarke and Lewis took, it is possible to select your own personal level of comfort.

Ancient Adventures Cruises is surely an experience abundant in character and history. With experienced tour guides coming from all avenues of life who will personally provide guidance for guests throughout the ancient monuments of old civilizations. These cruises tend to be more adventure trips than cruises, including land accommodations their cruises Private taxis take travelers to many exotic places. Former palaces and historical sites transformed into hotel accommodations complete this rich cultural experience for guests in most different nations. Also, you may combine different trips together to create as short or or long and varied an event as you desire. With three international offices, and lots of guides that hold advances degrees in history and archaeology, you will discover whatever cultural or language specific accommodations that you might seek.