The Romantic City Of Bratislava In Slovakia

Sitting on both banks of the Danube and Morava Rivers, Bratislava is conveniently located at the borders of both Hungary and Austria, making it the only national capital in the world adjoining two other countries. Take a break from the modern and whisk back in time as Bratislava shows you what a slow and easy, romantic old European town looks like.

Cobblestone streets, medieval towers, grandiose cathedrals, baroque castles, and enchanting piazzas ñ be mesmerized by the classic beauty of Europe minus the overcrowding tourists at Slovakia’s largest city, Bratislava or Pressburg in German and Pozsony in Hungarian.

Bratislava is not only a cradle of enthralling olden edifices; it is also home to numerous fascinating galleries priding itself on wide arrays of centuries-old artifacts and exceptional art work. Try to visit as many museums as you can. Just don’t miss Matej Kren’s Passage, an installation of 15,000 books and mirrors projecting an illusion of infinity and human knowledge at the 19th century Palffy Palace.

The best time to visit Bratislava is during summertime from June to August when all the attractions are open. Start your day with a relaxing stroll around the city, wandering into the paved old streets while savouring the charming centuries-old structures almost everywhere you lay your eyes on. Find a cozy cafè to your liking and take a sip of hot coffee matched with a sumptuous Slovakian delicacy to get you started for a full day relishing ancient Europe.

While here, you will also be equally captivated by other works of art from gothic masters from as early as 17th century. If you are in for some pleasantly eccentric displays conveniently located in the main center, head to the Pharmacy Museum with thousands of ancient pharmaceutical fittings. And as if that is not enough time travel, visit the Museum of Clocks for a unique collection of timeworn assortment of time pieces including sun dials from the 17th century.

There are also a number of castles to visit, but your Bratislava experience will never be complete without a visit to the castle above the Danube dating back in the 1st century. A historic landmark in the chronicle of the Roman Empire, the Bratislava Castle currently houses the Slovak National Gallery, heart of Slovakian scientific research and cultural education all over the country. Enjoy the exhibition on the history of Slovakia including a compendium of the most prized Slovakian archaeological finds like the prehistoric statue called the Venus of Moravany. If you are lucky, you might just be in time for the Slovak National Theatre and the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra also lodged in the castle to stage a play or concert.

After feasting your eyes on beautiful galleries, enjoy a quiet afternoon at the Sad Janka Krala Park or the Horsky Park if you want a serene stroll in the forest. You can also choose to hop on to a small boat gently sailing down the Danube River either toward the historic castle ruins of Devin or the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum for more splendid displays.

Do not forget to drop by local shops in the squares for gorgeous souvenirs. Restaurants, bars, and posh clubs await you along the main streets. Consider to cap the day by the banks of the romantic Danube River watching the sunset while enjoying luscious local wine.

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