Fascinating And Beautiful Florianopolis Brazil

Some 450 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro, lies the beautiful Brazilian city of Florianopolis – a thriving peninsula some 33 miles long  and along with an amazing nightlife, also includes some 40 odd white-sand beaches.

Called the party vacation spot of the season in 2009 by the New York Times, the praise still brings in a regular flow of international visitors, and each beach competes for the many rich socialites. Style and sophistication are in the DNA of this city. Here is the home of tennis player Gustavo Kuerten as well as supermodel Gisele Bundchen. It is unbelievably very difficult to not really like the town and its inhabitants. You might have never been aware of this city yet. As it happens – countless South Americans already have – however – they have been managing to keep it for themselves.Filled with fancy cars and Gucci purses and handbags, Praia Cafè de la Musique is definitely Brazil’s Ibiza. The trendy beach club features billowing feasts that come with Red Label and Smirnoff, Chandon, a chilled self serve buffet, penne al mare as well as ragu de manalle (filet of pork, plus walnuts and fungi), mujarda (made from lentils, rice and walnuts), and finally, fresh fruits. Headline-makers right out of Vogue, as well as royalty, and of course wealthy residents have taken the party here for Champagne-filled nights.And also the fashion models that walk down a number of the world’s premier fashion runways have discovered grounds to groove in its fabulous beach front dance floor. “Parador 12” is renowned for outrageous parties plus sparkling wine dished up to tanned bodies on white canopy beds. Pacha provides an extraordinary lineup of DJ’s and is known to have booked Jack Johnson and Amy Winehouse for an out of doors live performance in those days.Even as the local intelligentsia and artists head over to Confraria das Artes nightclub due to its old-fashioned atmosphere and colonial architecture, the surfer crowd prefer to laze at Praia Mole, a trendy beach repleat with beachfront bars and whirling bodies lost in the dancing lights. Obviously, staying here is not only the night life.

Remember to make time to go to Sao Joaquim National Park. Explore 50,000 acres of native plants and wildlife. If you aren’t ready for the challenge of hiking and walking, you are going to require both a car plus a guide. Don’t forget to try the seafood. Request the equência de camarão – a massive dish which includes a series of hors d’oeuvers and entrèes showcasing fish, shrimp, octopus, and crab . It really is simply wonderful. Go trekking. Lagoinha do Leste, an amazing secluded beach, can only be reached by hiking. Additional hiking trails are on the island’s southern end.

In case you are fearful of water, then sandboarding might be for you. Florianopolis is covered over by pristine white dunes. Prepare to plant yourself on a bit of wood and surf the sands. And when that’s not enough to savor your tropical afternoon, you might ask one of the tour companies ( there are some English speaking ones) to take you scuba diving, white water rafting, or snorkeling – there’s plenty to do!

Remember to reserve an beachfront hotel. See the waves from your balcony on arising each day and look at the lovely people and the stunning landscape.


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