The Dazzling Lavender Fields of Provence France

provence franceWriters travel to Provence to get inspired. Painters come by to replicate super-quiet villages. Wanderers from the four corners of the earth came, saw, and fell in love with this lovely area of southern France, only to leave feeling like a part of them will remain here forever. You can a book a trip to try out a new adventure, expand your epicurean experience, and then take hundreds of pictures. In Provence, France, a place where the sun rests on fragrant lavender fields, you will feel like you traveled thousands of miles away to find home.

For over 2,500 years, lavender has been revered both for its charm and, yes, versatility, too. Lavender, an herb of the mint family, enhances food taste. A cup of lavender tea has been known to ease headaches. The aroma of lavender in soaps, lotions and even candles creates an intense feeling of peace and pleasure. The men and women of Provence have tried to keep this old world romance a secret, but the rolls of lavender that are harvested from mid June to August could no longer hide the truth.

The endless rows of lavender float high like towers that sway during the morning sky in June. There is serenity in this panorama – a calming scene, almost spell binding. As night ripens, you will be wrapped in the cold billows of rare perfume. Walk in lavender hip deep amid the purple sheet where flower heads on spiked stems look up at you. This is the life.

You can enjoy the lavender fields by car or on foot. If the weather is fine, take your bike outside. Plateau de Valensole offers many lavender fields in a fairly small area. The region of Mont Ventoux has fields that contain the picturesque stone Bories, which makes a more interesting photo than just the lavender. The famous lavender field north of Gordes has the 12th-century Senanque Abbey as a backdrop. It is almost impossible not to get a memorable photo here.

Lavender fields and wheat fields are sometimes found in the same areas. Because the wheat ripens earlier, golden bands of grain seem to barricade the lavender from the intruders. At other farms, sunflower fields grow right beside the lavender. Together, lavender and sunflower offer a stunning contrast.

Sault is widely known as the lavender capital of Provence. Here, you can find the picturesque village of Simiane la Rotonde perched above the fields of blue and purple lavender.  This small town is also home to interesting lavender distilleries. If you want to experience a more comprehensive lavender-themed exploration in Provence, attend a festival dedicated to this fragrant plant in Valreas or drop by Lavender Museum in Coustellet which outlines the history of lavender cultivation in Provence.

Book one of the lovely farm houses in the areas mentioned. The standard accommodation includes a living room with river rock gas fireplace. When you are ready to bring out the gourmet cook in you, a fully equipped kitchen will be at your service. Don’t forget to wander outside to the herb and vegetable gardens for your fresh picks. From your cozy front balcony with rustic wooden chair and a porch swing, watch men and women who work firsthand in the lavender fields. Feel free to put your feet up. This is home.

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