The Beautiful and Scenic City Of Sorrento Italy

Italy’s Sorrento is a great place to experience for tourists. In this city you will discover exquisitely beautiful architecture as well as an active café and restaurant scene.  For many tourists, Sorrento is a perfect base to discover the Bay of Naples, and especially the Amalfi Coast. Vesuvius and Pompei, infamous in their own right, are also not far away.

Accessible from Naples and Capri Island, the city is served by ferry services and the Circumvesuviana rail system. Out of all the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento has the most number of hotels and other accommodation choices.

Sorrento is divided into two sections, and sits on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Naples. One section is the quaint yet charming Old Town and the other is a residential district housing a number of hotels.  As many old towns, Sorrento’s historic center is rich in culture and history. It features those narrow Roman streets that were built during the Middle Ages.

Sorrento is more than just a resting stop as the town offers fascinating landmarks worth visiting. Start your exploration at Via San Cesareo, the Old Town’s main thoroughfare. Then proceed to its most impressive buildings like the 14th century Sedile Dominova. The Church of San Francisco is not only an important place of worship in the town, its plaza is also a regular host to art exhibits and concerts. Other interesting landmarks in the area include the Roman Ruins of Villa Pollio, St. Francis Monastery and the Basilica di Sant’Antonino.

If you are a fan of museums, Sorrento has a couple of fascinating ones that will impress you. Some of the most notable ones include Museo Correale di Terranova and Archeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Want to see something picturesque? Climb up Sorrento’s prime cliff tops, which house public gardens and offer visitors amazing views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius. After admiring the gardens and the panorama, you can take a lift that will bring you down to the seaside area.

If you adore the sea, make you way to the Sorrento’s main harbor. There are no real “sandy” beaches along this coast but you can still swim in some areas like the Marina Grande and the Marina Piccola. While here, rent a lounge chair to relax and enjoy the shimmering water and fresh breeze.

Walking is great way to appreciate the beauty of the town and its surroundings. Some of the popular hiking paths from Sorrento include that one that leads to the Roman Villa di Pollio ruins and the fishing village of Lubrenese. Sorrento also has a strong woodcarving heritage. To learn more about this craft, drop by Museo Bottega della Tarsialignea.

If you are thinking about purchasing something unique from Sorrento, consider getting an inlaid wood framed pictures, which is a traditional local craft, and the lemon liquer called Limoncello.  It is easy to visit the other towns along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento.  If you don’t have a lot of time, you can opt to do the very scenic Amalfi Drive riding a taxi or bus. The very memorable drive exposes you to exquisite architecture, old churches and lovely villages sitting on cliffs. There are also regular boat services that sail along the coast and to the islands of Capri and Ischia.


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