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hotel dealsWhat should you consider when booking hotels online

These days, it’s pretty easy to find hotel deals online, and to compare for best value. Some sites let you book directly, whereas other sites are meta search engines which let you compare the offerings from various booking sites. One thing to keep in mind if you want to search for hotel deals, is that if the room you are looking for is already booked on one site, there may still be one available on another site. A further great aspect of these hotel booking sites is that you can usually filter the results in various different ways, to narrow down your search. For example you can filter by price, star rating, and guest ratings/reviews. Another really great hotel filter which is usually available, is to filter by the hotel theme – for example – Beach hotels, Romantic hotels, Boutique hotels, or Spa hotels – among others.

Here then are our top choices for places to search and book your hotel:

  1. – Certainly a very interesting place to look for hotel deals, this website lets you place bids on what you are willing to pay for a hotel room. After doing the basic search for city and dates, you are given options of which areas of the city to choose, and the star rating you are looking for in a hotel. Finally, you enter the price you are willing to pay. The hotels which are on offer, are ones which are participating in the Priceline scheme, and it’s possible to get great savings if your bid is accepted. In addition to this ‘Name Your Own Price’ option, Priceline also offers an ‘Express Deals’ option, which lets you find deals without any bidding.
  2. – This website gives you the option of searching for various combinations of flight + hotel, or flight + hotel + car. Once you have made the search, the results show how much you will save in each case by booking the package, as opposed to booking each separately.
  3. – This website has a great ‘Deals Finder’, which unlike many other hotel booking sites which offer deals, lets you actually find deals in the city where you want to stay.
  4. – A nice place for finding hotel deals. When you search for hotels, the results have 2 tabs to choose from. One is ‘Standard Rate Hotels’, but the interesting one is ‘Secret Hot Rate Hotels’. Here you can find some very good savings. The reason that Hotwire can offer these is that 3 and 4 star hotels having some unsold rooms, will use Hotwire to fill the rooms for them at substantial discounts.
  5. – Also offers various combinations of hotel + flight + car. If you search for hotels only, the results you get shows you where you would get savings, based on what would be the highest cost of the hotel on Travelocity for at least on of the next 14 days. There are also several results with ‘Sale’ buttons, which offer some quite decent savings.
  6. – This is a meta search engine for hotels, which searches for the cheapest rates on many other hotel booking sites. What’s especially nice on the results for this website, is the clean way in which the results are presented. Rather than spawning many new windows for each of the websites it searches, it presents all the results for each hotel on one page, and where there is a savings to be had, it shows you the highest and lowest prices available for the room. If you click on the price, you are then shown what the price is for each of the booking sites it has searched. It is interesting to see how large the price differentials can sometimes be for the same hotel room, depending on who you book with.


Other Things To Consider When Looking For Hotel Deals

In terms of picking a hotel room for your holiday, many times, it will become an issue of low cost versus favorable location. Usually, especially when planing a trip to top holiday places with well-known attractions, the nearer the accommodation is to the spot or attraction, the more costly it’s going to be. For this reason a sensible way to spend less on hotels is to live in an outlying spot.

You might also want to check websites which specialize in user contributed reviews such as , which travelers share their opinions of hotels and resorts around the world.

Also, don’t  fail to check out the neighborhood where the hotel is situated as well. Make sure to have a look at such things as dining establishments and points of interest within easy reach of the hotel. Creature comforts, particularly on holiday, are essential.

If you are looking to stay at a really special hotel, you might also want to check out the article at, on the world’s best hotels.

 Before you plan where you would like to travel next in your search to find the best deals online, you might want to sign up to get emails from major hotels, airlines, and car rental companies. It may increase your heap of “junk” mail, but these newsletters frequently include information about last-minute hotel deals. Since these deals go quickly, finding out about them first is essential.