What Are The Best Adventure Travel Companies and Tours

Adventure Travel For The Audacious Spirit Traveling  is food for the wandering soul, and those with an audacious spirit, and while there are many adventure travel and tour operator companies around, choosing the best one is going to depend very much on what you want to do, and where you want to go. However, there are various well established and reputable companies around, and below we mention some of them, and the kinds of tours and trips on offer. Some points to keep in mind when choosing a tour, are that these will normally be group tours, although some companies also offer itineraries for the solo traveler. Also, adventure trips will often be categorized by difficulty and comfort levels, so this may be something else to consider when making a choice. All in all, it can be very pleasant to travel in a group, and have some of the burdensome tasks taken over by someone else  – such as carrying the baggage and arranging for nightly accommodation – so that you can concentrate on enjoying the trip. Contrarily, some might consider that these tasks – including navigating to your next destination – are part of what makes it an “adventure”. The idea of traveling for adventure is not exactly new. Ever since regular tourist spots have been destinations for travelers, there have been those who have made it a point to avoid them, and take their own path. As the concept of this kind travel became more popular, more free spirits became enamored  with the idea of traveling the road less taken.

3 Top Adventure Travel Companies To Consider

Gadventures.com – This well known company offers trips to most parts of the world, including polar regions. There website divides tours up into the usual ‘destinations’, but also into ‘Travel Styles’ as opposed to the usual ‘Activities’. These styles of travel include 1. ‘Classic’ – This is somewhere between a group tour and independent backpacking. 2. ‘Comfort’ – This includes some extra frills like dining in nice restaurants. 3.  ‘Active’ – Which includes hiking, biking, and multisport. 4. ‘Yolo’ for young budget conscious travelers. 5. ‘Marine’, which covers various varieties of  boat travel from nature-oriented adventures, to sailing trips. 6. ‘Family’ trips which include a combination of adventure and education. 7. ‘Local Living’, where you stay in one place for the main part of your trip – such as a family home or converted farmhouse – plus some scheduled activities which you can go to or not. 8. ‘Rail’, for those who enjoy traveling by train, they have scenic rail trips where you sleep on the train and can save on hotel costs. Although Gadventures doesn’t have the traditional activity selector, they have a great search page ( www.gadventures.com/search ) which lets you search for your trip by various criteria like ‘activity’, ‘travel style’, ‘destination’, ‘budget’, and ‘duration’, making it a lot easier to find your ideal trip.

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Rei – Another top travel company, Rei is also a huge outdoor store, selling travel related products online. Their trips can be as short as a weekend up to several weeks in length. Their range of activities includes biking, trekking, kayaking, multisport, rafting, climbing, backpacking, cruising, safaris, and winter sports. They also cover volunteer and family vacations. Rei has been in business for over 25 years, and is focused on environmentally responsible traveling.

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IntrepidTravel – They feature small group adventure holidays where you eat, sleep, and  travel the local way. The company tries to strike a balance between planned activities and your own time.   Their trips feature local leaders, and they have holidays in over 100 countries, and are also designed to create special moments with a ‘wow’ factor. The trip themes for this company include cycling, explorer, food, polar, short breaks, walking, wildlife, sailing, and family.  IntrepidTravel is dedicated to having responsible travel policies. Trip styles can also be selected according to Basix, Comfort, Independent, and Original. One of the nice features when searching for a trip, is that you can also select physical and cultural levels on a scale of  1 to 5.

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